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Teresa Meier

I recently met and became acquainted with Teresa Meier’s work at a local fine art photography portfolio review event. I was impressed by her personal vision as well as the meticulous attention to detail she incorporates in her images.
Images and information is here.

Cary Wolinsky 0 Visual Memory

My very good friend - and one of the most talented people I have ever met - Cary Wolinsky has an exhibition opening soon in Boston. I asked Cary to forward me a number of the images that will be included in the exhibition as well as a few words about each one.
I think they are amazing and I am looking forward to seeing them in December. Images and information is here.

Gus Hoiland - Gustav's Mirror

My friend Gus and I were both shooting at Boston Boxing & Fitness in Brighton Massachusetts one day early this year. The boxers were in the middle of a Team Training workout. Gus set up his equipment and shot the series of photographs posted here. My job was to corral as many of the boxers as I could to stand in front of his lens. He captured the boxers in the middle of a very hard workout, sweaty, fatigued, and unpretentious.

And light followed the flight of sound

It isn’t common that a new book coexists at the intersection of graphic design, photography, and a major astronomical event. “And light followed the flight of sound” beautifully incorporates all three.

Operarion Doorstop

The photos look like they are right out of a The Twilight Zone episode.
Operation Doorstep was a Civil Defense test carried out in conjunction with the much larger March 17, 1953, 16-kiloton ANNIE test conducted at the Nevada Test Site, part of Operation Upshot-Knothole. more >

Brian Alterio

My good friend for many, many years, Brian Alterio, has always taken terrific photographs. I asked him to send me a few and he responded with these five images taken years ago in England. More >

Harry Kerker - Burning Man

Harry John Kerker Forwarded A Couple Of His Burning Man Photographs To Me. I Applaud The Approach He Took Of Combining Black And White And Color. It Adds A Slightly Surreal Quality To A Very Surreal Event. More >

Portraits of Ellis Island

A selection of images from the Library of Congress found via the always excellent Ptak Science Books blog. More >

Portraits of Ellis Island

Info and images from publicdomainreview.org.
It is relevant considering what is happening regarding immigration today. More >

Rick Ashley

Sometimes (very rarely in my case) you see work that stops you in your tracks. That is exactly what happened when I first saw Rick Ashley’s work he creates with his brother-in-law. The images certainly provoke a strong immediate response, but immediate responses can be incorrect. Work this broad and complex can be easily misunderstood. More >

Paul Fusco - RFK Funeral Train

Paul Fusco's photographs taken from that trip make up one of the most historically heartfelt documentary series I have ever seen. More >

Jim Fitts article on portfolio reviews

Before I even explain what I’m addressing in this post, I want to let you know that the record is two hours and fifteen minutes. More >

Wayne Miller

I have fallen in love dozens (maybe hundreds) of times while walking through galleries and museums. If truth were told, a great many people would confess to harboring this strange affliction. More >

Jack Pierson - The Hungry Years

The reunification of Germany, the war on drugs, the launch of the Hubble telescope, Jurassic Park, Goodfellas, “Ice Ice Baby”. Ahhhh… 1990. Truly a suitable year to help put behind us the tumultuous decade of the 80’s. While the world was going through massive political and cultural changes of the 80″s, Jack Pierson was producing a series of highly personal photographs documenting his life and the life of his friends. Jack Pierson: The Hungry Years contains 43 color images from that series. More >