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The Void
Garrett Hansen’s powerful series of black and white photographs titled “The Void”.

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By Appointment
Cary Wolinsky, A good friend of, contributed a review of a new book of Gerald Davis’s wonderfully zany photographs.

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Just The Two Of Us
Each of Klaus Pichler’s images shows a person (there is no way of identifying whether it is a male or a female) in full costume in an engaging environment.

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Of Light and Line
Elizabeth Ellenwood’s series of black and white photographs on exhibit outside of Boston at the Danforth Art Museum explore light and line in a quiet, controlled, approachable manner.

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We Were There
Sandy Carson’s photos explore the symbiotic relationship between rock concert fans, the bands, and the photographer at music festivals.

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Lonely Window
We all would agree that maybe we have spent more time staring at a computer screen than we should.

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Aisha Zeijpveld
When I saw Aisha’s photographs, I was impressed by her slightly eccentric, stylized portraits.

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Heads Will Roll
Max de Esteban utilizes both familiar and unfamiliar photographs to create his densely packed images. I especially admire is eclectic color palette.

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Combat Zone Tintypes
These tintypes were taken in the Helmand River Province, Afghanistan, during Ed Drew’s deployment with his helicopter Combat Rescue Unit.

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Daniel Duarte – That Which Remains
I first saw Daniel’s work when he was a student at Mount Ida College studying photography with Michael Donnor.

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Rick Ashley introduces Superman to Inges, Manet, Sargent, and Hopper.
A Question of Identity.

More examples of Ricks ongoing series

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