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Cuba Black and White
In 1999, a 25-year-old female photographer began an eight-year journey through Cuba with a Leica and a desire to photograph the people of Cuba from a perspective that was almost unknown at the time.

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Living on the Edge – Peter Dobis
Peter Dobis’s black and white photos are some of the toughest, grittiest photos I have seen in some time.

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Self-Untitled, Phase 2 – Samantha Geballe
A remarkable series of black and white self-portraits by Samantha Geballe.

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Scrapbook – Francesco Merlini
Francesco Merlini uses both black and white as well as color to capture the offbeat and sensuous moments of his life..

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Portraits #1
Jo Schwab’s series of black and white portraits show a mastery of studio lighting and an ability to bring out the individual nature of her wonderfully eccentric subjects.

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Edge of Living
Ricky Adam’s brutally honest photographs can only be the result of a photographer that knows and is trusted by his subjects.

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We Were There
Sandy Carson’s photos explore the symbiotic relationship between rock concert fans, the bands, and the photographer at music festivals.

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Combat Zone Tintypes
These tintypes were taken in the Helmand River Province, Afghanistan, during Ed Drew’s deployment with his helicopter Combat Rescue Unit.

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