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26 States
Jack Davison has created a number of deeply colorful images that incorporate simple, bold compositions.

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When You Get Back
Aaron Canipe’s terrific series of color photos caught my eye recently.

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A Colorful Guided Tour
Kevin Tadge photographed these colorful photos in museums around the world.

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All Of My Friends Are Prizefighters
Dan Treado’s terrific black and white portraits of prizefighters.

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Love At First Sight, Buying Came Later
I have fallen in love dozens (maybe hundreds) of times while walking through galleries and museums.

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The Water Is Cold Here
I am very impressed by the subtle qualities of composition and color in Glen Scheffer’s series “The Water Is Cold Here.”

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Dongwook Lee – Wozu
Dongwook Lee’s beautifully mysterious black and white nudes called “Wozu.”

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“Instant Connections”
A new book connects the many worlds of fine arts photography.

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Kitra Cahana
Kitra Cahana’s series of photographs of teenagers in all their colorful glory.

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Rick Ashley introduces Superman to Inges, Manet, Sargent, and Hopper.
A Question of Identity.

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