A Colorful Guided Tour by Kevin Tadge


“Guided Tour”

Kevin Tadge doesn’t say much about his colorful series called Guided Tour on his website. I think the photos speak for themselves.

The (refreshingly short) statement about Guided Tour from his website:
Photographed in museums around the world.

Kevin’s bio from his website:
Evidence of varying significance
Kevin Tadge graduated from the [University of] North Carolina School of the Arts.
He enjoys traveling and ping pong.
He is a bit out of practice.
He usually makes films and photographs, some of which can be found here.
They are not organized particularly well.  He is very sorry.
Here meaning this website, in case you tried to click on “here”.
If you don’t mind, visit his flickr which he shares with Laura Lamp.
His favorite book this afternoon is The Silent Cry.
Or maybe 2666.
He otherwise never writes in third person.
For good reason.

The facts:
You can see more of Kevin’s work here.