“Cuba Black and White” – Anna Mia Davidson


Cuba is very much in the news these days.
Both the President of the United States and the Rolling Stones were able to visit Cuba in the same week.

It hasn’t always been that easy.

In 1999, a 25-year-old female photographer began an eight-year journey through Cuba with a Leica and a desire to photograph the people of Cuba from a perspective that was almost unknown at the time. Due to the embargo and the controlling political structure, few people in the US had an understanding of what the day-to-day life of the Cuban people was like. Even fewer people saw images of what that life looked like.

Anna Mia Davidson was able to capture the everyday moments of the Cuban people in stark, Tri-X black and white. Anna’s book, Cuba Black and White, is a collection of ninety-five of her photos of Cubans at work and at play.

The photos show the resilience of the Cuban people, and the desire on their part to enjoy every aspect of life. There are images of Cubans working on their farms, training in neighborhood boxing clubs, and fixing vintage American cars. Anna’s photographs don’t try to profess any political bias; instead they portray the aspects of society that are common to all of us.

All photographs © Anna Mia Davidson from the book Cuba Black and White published by Steidl.

The facts:
Cuba Black and White
 by Anna Mia Davidson
Texts by Anna Mia Davidson
Book design by Anna Mia Davidson
and Gerhard Steidl
144 pages
11 × 7.1 in. / 28 × 18 cm
95 black-and-white photographs Tritone
Clothbound hardcover with dust jacket
Available here.