Dongwook Lee – Wozu


Dongwook Lee’s beautifully mysterious black and white nudes called “Wozu.”

Dongwook Lee was born in Daejeon, Korea and is now working out of his studio in Seoul.

From Dongwook’s website:
Dongwook’s notes about his series, “Wozu”.
As seen in the Socrates allegory of the cave, all humans are constantly struggling with their alter egos in the thin boundaries between pain and pleasure.In an endless circle of life and death—born in and cross the water to breathe his last breath—humans have been searching for the reasons for the existence and resisted the world and self-made limitations.
Humans are often depicted as fruits fallen off the trees in the Norse mythology. Likewise, the story of Babel tower, in which the tower is reminiscent of a tall tree, seems to describe a human challenge against God as well as a desperate struggle to climb the tower to find the origin.
My works explicitly show a long history of internal fight, and journey to find raisons d’être (reason for existence) and meanings of humans.

The facts:
You can see more of Dongwook’s work here.
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