Gustav Hoiland


Gustav Hoiland


Gus is one of the hardest working up-and-coming photographers I know. Gus shoots daily and posts a different photo every day (along with his observations) on his blog. All this plus he holds down a fulltime job.

Gus is also an avis bike polo player. If you have never heard about bike polo, you should check it out. He and I have worked together on projects as well as teaming up to shoot at the same event. One event we both enjoy shooting is the regularly scheduled boxing nights at Boston Boxing & Fitness in Brighton, Massachusetts. You can see a number of Gus’s boxing and bike polo photos as well as numerous other subjects he enjoys shooting at his website.

His broken beer bottle series is amazing. I recently asked Gus a few questions about the series.
PW: I’m curious about the genesis of the broken beer bottle photos. Where did the idea behind the series come from?
GH: After practicing lighting with bottles dozens of times I was getting a bit bored, antsy to take the images to the next level. I wanted more energy, more awe, and what better way to achieve it than to break the object while still keeping it a product shot.
PW: Besides getting the smell of stale beer out of your studio, where there any logistical difficulties you had to overcome during the shoot?
GH: The biggest challenge was making a containment structure that was both easy to dismantle for cleaning between each shot and effective at keeping the beer and glass inside. Suffice to say that room was covered in flecks of glass for months afterwards.
PW: Any plans to go further with the series?
GH: I’ve thought of renting a digital Hasselblad and upping the ante to bottles of Dom Perignon. If anybody will donate 40 bottles of swank champagne, believe me I’ll handle the gear!

From Gus’s website:
My interest in photography stems from diaristic daily shooting and the great gratification I get from the entire process, from capture to editing to sharing. Having shot opportunistically across many genres over the past three years, I plan to focus more on portraiture (both studio and environmental) and architectural work moving forward.

The facts:
Gustav Hoiland
Gustav is represented by Panopticon Gallery
Panopticon Gallery
502c Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
617 267-8929
Jason Landry, Owner | Gallery Director
Hours: Tue–Sat 9:00-4:30pm

Photo above: Harpoon
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