One of the Best Photo Books of the Year


Harold Feinstein | A Retrospective makes’s list of the best photo books of 2012.

I was part of the team that helped make this terrific book possible. We all felt that recognition for Harold’s black and white work was long overdue and we are very proud of how well the book has been received. A link to Svetlana Bachevanova’s list of best photo books on the photo-eye website is below. Svetlana is the publisher of FotoEvidence.

I was honored to write the forward to Harold Feinstein | A Retrospective. It will give you a little background on how the project was initiated.

“I’m driving back from Merrimac, Massachusetts to my home in Boston and my head is swimming. I’ve just seen hundreds (perhaps it was thousands) of prints and contact sheets taken by a photographer that until a few months ago I knew nothing about.

The photographer’s name is Harold Feinstein.

Is Harold’s work as remarkable as I think it is? Are the photos as important as I think they are? How can I insure that people get to see them?

I’ve collected fine art photography for over 40 years and I think my judgment is pretty sound, but I’m smart enough to know that it’s prudent to have someone you trust confirm your opinion. One week later I am back in Merrimac looking through Harold’s black and white prints with the one friend whose eye I trust emphatically.

This time, on the drive back to Boston, both our heads are swimming. It turns out that we both saw the same brilliant qualities in Harold’s work.

A few years have passed and a dedicated team of Harold’s admirers has worked hard to put together the book you are holding. This book is not meant to be an all-inclusive catalog of Harold’s six decades of black and white work – it would take a much larger and heavier volume to accomplish that – but we hope that these 80 images will give you a sense of the wonder and inspiration we see at the heart of Harold’s work.”

You can see Harold Feinstein | A Retrospective and other books on Svetlana’s list here.

The facts about the book:
Harold Feinstein: A Retrospective
12″ x 13″ Hardcover
108 pages; 80 duotone plates; $65

Harold Feinstein: A Retrospective
An accompanying exhibition at Boston’s Panopticon Gallery on view through January 8, 2013
Panopticon Gallery
502c Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA, 02215

Photo above left: Sailors on Subway from Coney Island, 1957 by Harold Feinstein
All photographs copyright the artist.