Heads Will Roll – Max de Esteban


“Heads Will Roll” is filled with a cacophony of original artwork, documents, and text arranged in an organic, energetic layout. 

The images appear to be composed of found photographs, movie stills, and news photographs. They are rendered in highly saturated color and glow with florescent greens, reds, blues, and yellows.

On one page the text reads “hidden behind the catastrophe the end of redemptive truths”. On another just the words “real time”. These fragments of text blend perfectly with the mixed media images and the occasional official looking document. The beautifully eclectic design of the book makes every page it’s own short film.

The text on the back cover of the book reads:
The photographs in Propositions series by Spanish photographer MAX DE ESTEBAN (*1959 in Barcelona) pose uncomfortable questions. In Proposition One, translucent X-ray images reflect upon the relationship between art and technology. In Proposition Three, de Esteban examines the cold, inner life of microelectronics and the increasing enmeshment of the body and digital technology. In part four of the series, entitled Heads Will Roll, the artist uses seductive photo collages of film stills, news footage, and other documents to articulate the essence of contemporaneity in modern society, in which reality is largely experienced through the media.

You can see several examples of Max de Esteban’s artwork on photoweenie.com here.

The facts:
Heads Will Roll
Max de Esteban
With texts by Carles Guerra and Bill Kouwenhoven
Published by
Hatje Cantz Verlag
Zeppelinstrasse 32
73760 Ostfildern