Jean de Pomereu – “Topography of Absence”


Jean de Pomereu’s series of black and white photographs shot in Antarctica between 2003 and 2009.

Jean sent me the following information about his series:
Concealed at the bottom of the earth where the globe maker attaches the orb to its frame, Antarctica remains untouched by the cacophony of our time: a breathing space for the planet as much as for our human imagination; an elementary realm where less is evidently more; a vantage point from which to contemplate our condition with a little more clarity.

With this ongoing series of black and white images, I have sought to interpret the Antarctic experience in all its haunting simplicity: An encounter with an elemental realm devoid of vegetation or habitation – without references of scale or perspective. A “Topography of Absence” that early Antarctic photographers would seek to grasp by placing human objects of reference in their compositions, but which I prefer to distill to its minimalist, often abstract essence.

For me, Antarctica is an object of continued visual and intellectual fascination: A wilderness that, however much it is scrutinized and deconstructed, remains unmoved in its glacial quietude, its penetrating silence, and its ability to draw us, one degree at a time, toward the essential.

The facts:
Jean de Pomereu – “Topography of Absence”
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The images are available as limited edition platinum prints.
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