Living on the Edge – Peter Dobis

Peter Dobis‘s black and white photos are some of the toughest, grittiest photos I have seen in some time.

He has been able to immerse himself in a marginalized and dangerous culture and capture his images with an in-your-face, unfiltered approach.

Peter sent me the following background on his series:
“Living on the edge” is my ongoing, long-term project that I started working on in 2013. It features the stories of people living on the periphery and out of the mainstream society in Bratislava. The photographs were taken in some of the roughest parts of the city. It took me several months only to close to the subjects.

I met many different kinds of people. The majority of them are former criminals, some are drug addicts, and others have experienced a multitude of problems due to their being homeless. Several have pending executions. Therefore it is almost impossible for them to get back to normal life – even if they wanted to. They need to survive from one day to another.

Theirs lives are tough and often dangerous. It has been a really interesting experience for me so far and not only from the photographic point of view.

I witnessed (and experienced) real underworld and street life, poverty, violence, but in the majority of cases alongside direct and brave people.

I intend to work on this project for the next several years and produce a book one day if everything goes well.

The facts:
Living on the Edge
Peter Dobis 
You can see more of Peter’s work here.
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