Lonely Window – Julien Mauve


We all would agree that maybe we have spent more time staring at a computer screen than we should.

An old graphic designer and blogger like me certainly has. The result has increased the size of my backside and diminished the quality of my eyesight. But, I can’t look away.

Julien’s portraits capture the intense gaze of computer jockeys bathed in the warm light of their computer. I’ve seen this light before. It’s the campfire light of today’s online generation.

Julien sent me this project description:
Digital interfaces have totally changed how we perceive and interact with the outside world. It’s taught us new ways to communicate without physically seeing or speaking to one another. Through its digital twilight glow, the screen becomes a window, opening to a new world while simultaneously introducing a new kind of loneliness.

The facts:
You can see more ofJulien’s work here.
All photos: © Julien Mauve. 
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