Lou Jones’s panAFRICAproject


Lou Jones’s panAFRICAproject.

Over the past few years, long-time friend, and Boston photography icon, Lou Jones has been working on an amazing series of photographs. The photos are part of his panAfricaproject. Lou characterizes the panAfricaproject as redefining the modern image of Africa” and he has set out to create a contemporary visual portrait of modern Africa devoid of popular preconceived, Western ideas.

The project has been self-funded up to this point. Lou has set up a page on Kickstarter to help continue to fund this very important project. I’ve contributed to the project and I hope you will consider funding the project as well. The link to his Kickstarter page is here.

Lou sent me the following background on the project:
For decades, media coverage of continental Africa has been both naïve and slanted, creating an imbalanced portrait and false stereotypes of African culture. This has caused great damage to the perceived image of Africa. In the past, the African Union even threatened to sensor coverage by Western media due to this portrayal of something that is far more complex than poverty and conflict.

For years, Lou Jones and his studio have embarked upon an ambitious long-term project to document the positive aspects of everyday life across the African continent. One country at a time, we are creating a repository of imagery, illustrating categories like education, commerce, culture, agriculture, sports and more. By steering away from negative issues and instead documenting accomplishments and the rising middle-class traditions, we hope to re-introduce the positive values of today’s Africa.

The facts:
Click here to go to the panAFRICAproject Kickstarter page.
All photographs © Lou Jones.