“Murderball” – a series by Jan Sochor


“Murderball” – a series of black and white photographs by Jan Sochor.

I’ve never seen a game of wheelchair rugby, but Jan’s black and white photographs make it look like a pretty intense experience.

From Jan Sochor’s website:
Murderball: Wheelchair rugby in Colombia Bogota, Colombia, January – April 2013

Wheelchair rugby (quad rugby), a full-contact team sport, was developed in Canada in 1977 under the name ‘murderball’. The game is played by two teams of up to twelve players with some form of disability in both the upper and lower limbs, mostly people with cervical spinal injuries (quadriplegics). Four players from each team play on the court at any time in specially armored wheelchairs with a front bumper, designed to strike opposing wheelchairs. During four eight-minute quarters players roughly crash into each other, attempting to score by carrying the ball across the goal line.

Although the team from Bogota is supported by the Arcangeles Foundation (gear, gym), the wheelchair rugby players, mostly coming from the remote, socially deprived neighbourhoods, often can not attend a training due to lack of funds for transportation. In spite of being physically disabled some of the athletes have to work on the street to make a humble living. However, all the members of the Bogota quad rugby

Jan Sochor’s bio:
Jan Sochor, photographer born in the Czech Republic. Since the first step on the continent in Rio de Janeiro ten years ago, Latin America has become a major inspiration for his photography work. From then on, he has been working and living in various Latin American countries. Accenting the storytelling perspective, he stays focused on photojournalism with an intention to portray truthfully Latin America, its social, cultural and everyday phenomenons in all their complexity. His photographs and photo essays regularly appear in international magazines, newspapers, websites and broadcastings, including The Guardian, BBC, Time, The Washington Post, The Times, The Huffington Post, NBC Sports, ABC News, Vogue, National Geographic, Science, The Economist, GEO, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Corriere della Sera, El País, La Vanguardia, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Vanity Fair, UNESCO and many others.

Jan is currently based in Quito (Ecuador) and is available for assignments throughout Latin America.

The facts:
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