Of Light and Line – Elizabeth Ellenwood


Elizabeth Ellenwood‘s series of black and white photographs on exhibit outside of Boston at the Danforth Art Museum explore light and line in a quiet, controlled, approachable manner.

The prints are small – but not overly small – which makes their sparse compositions that much stronger. Line and light travel across the images in diagonal directions from left to right and in some prints right to left. If you want to spend a few quiet minutes basking in warm, white sunlight, take the time to see this exhibition.

Danforth Art Museum and School press release:
On exhibit in Of Light and Line, Elizabeth Ellenwood’s photographs are distinctly rooted in place and the everyday, and her process and treatment of subject matter emphasize the importance of the elements of photography. Ellenwood’s work is indebted to photographic history—modernism, constructivism, and the angular planes of The New Topographics —yet she creates a distinct new interpretation of the often overlooked elements of the everyday landscape.  Her compositions are elegantly simple, highlighting her negotiation of natural light, line, shadow and the richness of tone. Nuanced views of outside wires, building façades, and the billowing of a curtain reveal modernist sensibilities and experimentations with form that complicate otherwise familiar spaces to produce a new view on traditional subject matter.

The facts:
Elizabeth Ellenwood
Of Light and Line
March 15 – May 17, 2015
Danforth Art Museum and School
123 Union Avenue
Framingham, MA 01702
T: 508 620 0050
F: 508 820 0258
You can see more of Elizabeth’s work here.
All photos: © Elizabeth Ellenwood. 
 All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.