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From the photoweenie vault

Love at first sight, buying came later.

I have fallen in love dozens (maybe hundreds) of times while walking through galleries and museums.

Sid Grossman

One of the most pleasurable aspects of The Life and Work of Sid Grossman is that it renews the faith of photo book lovers like me, that there are still people who believe that attention to detail and fine craftsmanship makes a difference.

Jim Fitts But enough about me

A few words about manners at a photography portfolio review.

Harold Feinstein

Harold Feinstein: A Retrospective” wins PDN best photo book awards

To complete the book took several years of dedicated work, and a terrific team. Jason Landry, Phillip Prodger, and, of course, Harold and the Feinstein Dream Team (Judith and Cherie) were the core drivers of the project.