Sophie Ebrard – You Only Live Once


Sophie Ebrard

Here are a few terrific black and white photos of skateboarders by Sophie Ebrard.

Sophie sent us a copy of her bio:
Sophie Ebrard is a French, London based photographer. She has in the past shot commissioned work for companies including Adidas, Monocle magazine, Stella Artois, EMI music…

Sophie Ebrard’s photographs are as eclectic and full of life as the photographer herself. Experimenting with natural light and preferring the surprise-factor of film for her personal work are two factors among many that give Sophie’s images a sense of genuine warmth. This is both rare and beautiful amongst the current climate of overly produced and manipulated images. Yet she is not flippant in her art, choosing to connect with the subjects in her photographs on a personal level. Even her pictures that are absent of people aren’t without their own touch of personality and narrative. Sophie’s work is straight from the heart, and comes from her unyielding passion for photography, storytelling and light.

You can see more of Sophie’s series “You Only Live Once” here.

The facts:
You can see more of Sophie’s work here.
All photos: © Sophie Ebrard. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.