The Last Road North – Ben Huff

Ben sent me this info about his series The Last Road North. A link to purchase his book is below.

Completed in 1974, Alaska’s Dalton Highway (known locally as the haul road) is the northernmost road in America. At 489 miles, the predominately dirt road follows the upper half of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, and is maintained exclusively as the transportation route for the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay. The road was opened to the public in 1994.

My journeys on the road began with a day trip to the Arctic Circle, with my wife, in the summer of 2007. Later that Fall I would make my first considered photographs from the road.

For five years, off and on, I drove. North and South. Boom and Bust. All seasons. I slept in my truck and awoke to make pictures under midnight sun and noon darkness. I took comfort in silence, open space and the generosity of strangers.

I went looking for the frontier that I was promised, and found a complex landscape, and a road that served as a physical and psychological line between wilderness and progress. I drove, like others I met on the road, to drive as far as I could drive.

I hitched my wagon to the great American need to point my wheels toward the Western horizon. To see for myself. When I ran out of West, I went North.

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