The Void – Garrett Hansen

Garrett sent me this write-up about his very interesting series titled The Void.

Roughly 40% of the population in the US owns a gun and there are enough guns – approximately 300 million – to arm nearly every man, woman, and child in the country.

At the core of The Void series is a desire to consider these facts and to create a set of images that speaks to their implications.  Each of the images is created from individual bullet holes.  While shooting is fundamentally a destructive act, by bringing these holes into the darkroom, enlarging them and then processing and printing the results, I am able to balance this destruction with creation.  The viewer is presented with something that speaks to the sublime – they are both attractive and terrifying at the same time.   In many ways this reflects our own opinions of guns in America, a country where the debate between rights and controls continues to rage.

The facts:
Garrett Hansen
You can see more of Garrett’s work here.
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