The Water Is Cold Here – Glen Scheffer


Glen Scheffer

I met Glen Scheffer through our mutual association with Panopticon Gallery in Boston. Over the last several years, I have gotten to know him and his work better through New Hampshire Institute of Art where he is a fulltime teacher in their photography department.

The NHIA website includes a paragraph on Glen’s teaching philosophy:
“Glen creates beautiful black and white traditional prints along with color pigment prints from large format negatives. His photographs are an innovative approach to looking at residual objects symbolizing memories and interests left for new interpretations. Glen’s work embodies both a formal beauty as well as a crisp eye for detail.”

The first work I saw of Glen’s was at an exhibition at Panopticon Gallery featuring his black and white series “Record Album.” Recently, we met to go over his series  “The Water Is Cold Here.” I am very impressed by the subtle qualities of composition and color in the work and I got to ask Glen about the series.

PW: Having growing up in New England, I believe I understand the meaning of the title “The Water Is Cold Here,” but could you please give us a little background on the title and the series?

GS: I was walking near the water getting ready to set up my camera and a family near by had just put their feet in the water. The mother states loudly “The water is cold here!” in a strong Bostonian ascent. Having grew up in New England I have heard that many times. I think it fits perfectly, almost as a motto! New Hampshire’s beauty remains hardened by the seasons that so strongly exist here. There is a conversation happening between man and nature that I find fascinating. That is what I want to photograph for this project.

The facts:
Glen Scheffer is an artist and educator who lives in New Hampshire. His photographs explore intertwining relationships between strangers and places through photographs of objects and landscape. He is interested in using the language of image making to describe the interconnectivity between inhabitants through time and space. Glen’s work has been exhibited throughout New England and the United States.

Glen is represented by Panopticon Gallery in Boston.
You can see more of Glen’s work here.

All photos: © Glen Scheffer. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.