We Were There – Sandy Carson


If you are an old Rock and Roll fan, and a lead guitar player in a band, like me, you know that there is nothing like playing to an over-the-top crowd.

The energy they create is infectious, often raising the music and the concert experience to an outrageous level. Sandy’s photos remind me (flashback) of some of my bands more outrageous front row fans. I’ve been on both sides of the stage and Sandy has been able to capture the look, the feel, and maybe the smell of being up close and personal to your favorite band.

Sandy Carson sent me this project description:
This project explores the symbiotic relationship between rock concert fans, the bands, and the photographer at music festivals. It is also a self-portrait of a music fan, musician, and photographer, who has been on both sides of the stage, barrier, and photo pit.

These images were made over the last 8 years on assignment at various music festivals in Austin, Texas, during the first 3 songs of each concert. Without the band there are no fans; without the fans, there is no band. One just cannot exist without the other.

The facts:
You can see more of Sandy’s work here.
All photos: © Sandy Carson. 
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