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Images in Transition

The Wombat Art Box No. 38 packages a number of Stanley Kubrick’s photographs from Prizefighter as well as an incredible black and white photograph of Rocky Graziano showering after a workout.
Information about the new book is here.

Images in Transition

It’s fair to say that a large number of photographic artists appropriate contemporary source material to bend, fold, and mutilate into an expression of their personal vision. David Pace & Stephen Wirtz start with source material produced almost 100 years ago. They use wirephotos from the late 30’s and 40’s and they’ve created a collection of fascinating images published in their new book, "David Pace and Stephen Wirtz : Images in Transition – Wirephotos 1938-1945"
Information about the new book is here.

Ralph Eugene Meatyard - Stages for Being

Years ago, a friend (who is not necessarily a photoweenie) mentioned that he was a huge fan of Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s photographs. I had to admit that I was unaware of his work, as was most everyone I asked about him. I had to search far and wide to see any mention of his work and very few other friends were aware of him. Since then, his work has gained substantial awareness and he has become a cult hero.
Information about the new book "Ralph Eugene Meatyard - Stages for Being" is here.

Ethan James Green

Young New York presents Ethan James Green's black and white portraits of young people transitioning from adolescence into adulthood, many of whom are in the process of gender transition. The images are all shot using natural-light and his subjects stare straight into Ethan’s lens. Ethan’s images succeed in being both intimate and confrontational at the same time.
Information about the book is here.

Graciela Ituribde

A few of my fellow photoweenies and I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston recently to view an exhibition of Graciela Iturbide’s photographs. We all came away extremely impressed.
Images and information about the exhibition and accompanying book is here.

Atelieri O. Haapala

As many of you know, I’ve lived a life split between a love of graphic design and a love of photography. These worlds, with few exceptions, rarely collide. One place they come together is in book form. I’ve seen countless beautifully designed books with lackluster photography and countless poorly designed books with outstanding photography.
My friend Jason Landry, previous owner of Panopticon Gallery in Boston, introduced me to the work of Helsinki-based photo duo Atelieri O. Haapala and let me borrow a copy of their new book, The Fantastic World of Atelieri O. Haapala.
Images and information about the book is here.

Betsy Karel

Betsy Karel began to photograph Times Square in 2014 and has over the last several years amassed a portfolio of black and white photographs exploring the chaotic five blocks that make up one of the most interesting and unique parts of the world. Every photographer that I know that has spent time in Times Square has confessed that they would like to spend time documenting the turbulent street theater.
Images and information is about her new book is here.

Daniel Efram

My good friend, and brilliant graphic designer, Steven Jurgensmeyer, introduced me to the work of Daniel Efram. You will see that they are black and white, phantasmagorical images – my personal passion.
These images are from Dan’s soon to be published book titled “Curiosities”.
Nicole Blackman sums it up quite well in her introduction. She states that “his photographs feel like a single frame, selected from a movie reel. Choose one and you see a romantic comedy. Choose another and it’s clearly a tragedy.”
Images and information is here.

Teresa Meier

I recently met and became acquainted with Teresa Meier’s work at a local fine art photography portfolio review event. I was impressed by her personal vision as well as the meticulous attention to detail she incorporates in her images.
Images and information is here.

Gus Hoiland - Gustav's Mirror

My friend Gus and I were both shooting at Boston Boxing & Fitness in Brighton Massachusetts one day early this year. The boxers were in the middle of a Team Training workout. Gus set up his equipment and shot the series of photographs posted here. My job was to corral as many of the boxers as I could to stand in front of his lens. He captured the boxers in the middle of a very hard workout, sweaty, fatigued, and unpretentious.

And light followed the flight of sound

It isn’t common that a new book coexists at the intersection of graphic design, photography, and a major astronomical event. “And light followed the flight of sound” beautifully incorporates all three.

Operarion Doorstop

The photos look like they are right out of a The Twilight Zone episode.
Operation Doorstep was a Civil Defense test carried out in conjunction with the much larger March 17, 1953, 16-kiloton ANNIE test conducted at the Nevada Test Site, part of Operation Upshot-Knothole. more >

Brian Alterio

My good friend for many, many years, Brian Alterio, has always taken terrific photographs. I asked him to send me a few and he responded with these five images taken years ago in England. More >

Harry Kerker - Burning Man

Harry John Kerker Forwarded A Couple Of His Burning Man Photographs To Me. I Applaud The Approach He Took Of Combining Black And White And Color. It Adds A Slightly Surreal Quality To A Very Surreal Event. More >

Portraits of Ellis Island

A selection of images from the Library of Congress found via the always excellent Ptak Science Books blog. More >

Portraits of Ellis Island

Info and images from publicdomainreview.org.
It is relevant considering what is happening regarding immigration today. More >

Rick Ashley

Sometimes (very rarely in my case) you see work that stops you in your tracks. That is exactly what happened when I first saw Rick Ashley’s work he creates with his brother-in-law. The images certainly provoke a strong immediate response, but immediate responses can be incorrect. Work this broad and complex can be easily misunderstood. More >

Paul Fusco - RFK Funeral Train

Paul Fusco's photographs taken from that trip make up one of the most historically heartfelt documentary series I have ever seen. More >

Wayne Miller

I have fallen in love dozens (maybe hundreds) of times while walking through galleries and museums. If truth were told, a great many people would confess to harboring this strange affliction. More >

Jack Pierson - The Hungry Years

The reunification of Germany, the war on drugs, the launch of the Hubble telescope, Jurassic Park, Goodfellas, “Ice Ice Baby”. Ahhhh… 1990. Truly a suitable year to help put behind us the tumultuous decade of the 80’s. While the world was going through massive political and cultural changes of the 80″s, Jack Pierson was producing a series of highly personal photographs documenting his life and the life of his friends. Jack Pierson: The Hungry Years contains 43 color images from that series. More >