Harry John Kerker - Burning Man

Harry Kerker - Burning Man

Harry Kerker forwarded a couple of his Burning Man photographs to me. I applaud the approach he took of combining black and white and color. It adds a slightly surreal quality to a very surreal event.
I’ve always wanted to go, but I am so pale that I would be so sunburned on the first day that I would be hospitalized for the rest of the event.

Harry Kerker - Burning Man
Harry Kerker - Burning Man

Burning Man is a melting pot of technology, science, religion, art, music and free expression. Nowhere can one see so many diverse opinions and ideologies come together and coexist with one mission in mind… to be open and accepting to a broad range of thought.
Burning Man is also a visual feast of giant art installations, costumes and light against the white canvas of the Black Rock desert in Nevada, a difficult place not to capture spectacular images with your personal iPhone. My approach is somewhat different, to focus much tighter, on individual stories and the release of expression that lay dormant in us for the other 51 weeks a year.

The facts:
Photographer: Harry John Kerker
All Photographs © Harry John Kerker
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