Visionary Boston at the Danforth Museum

Visionary Boston - John Brook, Untitled

Before Social Media, artists would get together over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and discuss their latest work. The Danforth Museum’s exhibition, Visionary Boston, features three mid-century Boston artists who were part of a group of local artists that were instrumental in defining a unique direction for Boston painting, photography, and sculpture.
From the Danforth Museum website:
The work of John Brook, Steven Trefonides, and Kahlil Gibran all grapple with our desire to see the unseen. The artistic experimentation among these artists fed into the mystical, imaginative, and otherworldly subject matter that permeates much of the work in this exhibition. Visionary Boston offers a closer look at the work of three artists and their contemporaries who were a part of defining the Boston art world mid-century, who worked fervently to translate their visions into something tangible, and whose works reflect their mutual influences—both historical and contemporary. Visionary Boston is an exhibition about artistic relationships, shared visions, and the fluid boundaries between artistic mediums.
More information on the exhibition is below.

Steven Trefonides Triple Threat (1), 1990

John Brook Through the Lilac Grove, c.1960s

Steven Trefonides The Baby, 1986

The facts:
Visionary Boston
The Danforth Art Museum at Framingham State University
Gallery: Litowitz and Weinberg Galleries
Dates: February 18 - June 4, 2023
Participating artists: John Brook, Steven Trefonides, and Kahlil Gibran
14 Vernon Street, Framingham, MA 01701
February 18 - June 4, 2023

Images top to bottom:
John Brook, Untitled
Steven Trefonides, Triple Threat (1)
John Brook, Through the Lilac Grove
Steven Trefonides, The Baby

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